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The Best Travel Destinations for 2018

In 2017, people had a blast traveling. Everywhere you went, it was all about going natural; there are so many places here on our Earth that we can visit and relax. 2017, by the looks of it, was a year to appreciate what kind of world we had been given. Visits had been more to green fields, snow-tipped mountains, and the roaring sea or the calm, wave-lapping coasts. Based on those descriptions, there were a lot of luxury travel destinations to be visited.

In 2018, we are presented with a different concept. Sure, people are still game to explore the world’s best natural-looking paradise, but the goal is to go somewhere you won’t normally go to. This year is all about destinations that are, in a sense, ‘outside the box.’

Malawi (South Africa)

Malawi falls into the category of one of the best natural destinations to visit. Barring any travel restrictions, Malawi is best for people who want their travel to feature more scenery, less people.

In here, they’re going to be in touch with nature—they’ll be having their fill of green mountains dotted with the occasional tribal hut. It’s a rugged adventure to go on, and one that’s not hard to schedule, as it is best going to the country during the period between April and November.

Laya (Bhutan, Nepal)

If you aren’t qualified to climb Mt. Everest, you can alternately visit the highest settlement in Bhutan, Laya. The month to go to, according to Lost With Purpose, is during October, when the settlement celebrates the Royal Highlander Festival.

Think of it as a celebration of their culture which dates back to the time when they had no place to call their own. The festival celebrates nomadic lifestyle and features horseback archery and riding, a unique beauty contest, and generally colorful celebrations. There’s the off-chance that the king of Bhutan even graces the occasion.

Oslo (Norway)

This year is a year of royals—from the UK, where Prince Harry and fiancé Meghan are about to be married, to Norway, where the King and the Queen are celebrating their 50th year on the throne and as a couple.

This culminates with a full year of different events consisting of arts, culinary, and cultural festivals. Even without that celebration, Oslo is still a place to visit if you’re looking for good food, neo-classical art, and just a different experience—the weather is always nice in Norway, reportedly.

Tokyo (Japan)

In the movies, Tokyo comes off as a place where everyone always appears to be in a rush. It’s also set to receive a unique rush this year. The preparations for 2020’s Summer Olympics is about to go underway, and it’s also set to bring a heightened rush among people. However, its movie depictions is simply not true.

Most parts of it—according to God Save the Points—are docile, and you get to enjoy one of the world’s premier luxury travel destinations because of its good food and the politeness of its people.

Those are only a glimpse into so many travel choices people have when it comes to luxury destinations. Take time off work and try to book a stay into these places—appreciate our Earth and its uniqueness.