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5 Unusual Things To Do In Italy

The Leaning Tower of Pizza, producers of some of the worlds top supercars, amazing food, and hospitable culture makes Italy a destination that should be on everyone’s top five places to visit in the world.

5 Unusual things to do in Italy

#1 City of Baia
The city of Baia was once the hedonistic playground of the rich and powerful where Julius Caesar, Pompey, and many other power figures were said to have had luxury villas.  Many came not only from the many indulgent offerings of the city but to bask in and make use of the healing natural hot springs that ran through the city and had spas built upon them.

What makes this city an unusual place to visit is because to visit the city you have to take a scuba dive, snorkel of a glass bottom boat tour.  The natural hot spring from the volcanic vents slowly rose and submerged the city.

#2 Porta Alchemica
Located in the Piazza Vittoria in Rome stands a door which is surrounded by many a myth and legend all translating to the door is a magical portal.

This door is also the only remaining gate to the villa of Marquis Palombara who was a keen supporter of Christina of Sweden and a member of a group known as “The Alchemists of Palazzo Riario”.

#3 Loggia dei Mercanti
This is known as the whispering gallery where your whispers will be carried to someone strategically placed on the other side of the gallery. It was built as a merchant’s lodge in Milan in 1442 by Giovanni Pace. Visit it when you pick up a luxury car hire in Rome.

The square was divided into four sections enclosed by a pinnacle and each corner of the square was represented by a statue of fortitude, hope, justice, and charity.  Many a legend and tale of secret loves are woven into the square.

#4 The Marmore Falls
Cascata Delle Marmore or the Marmore Falls is one of the tallest man-made water walls in the world.  Sourced from the Velino River in Terni, Umbria the beautiful site was the creation of the Ancient Romans in 271 BC.

The waterfalls are 541 feet high and fall into a valley which was formed by the Nera river.  The waterfall is turned on and off to accommodate the needs of the power company and there is also a scheduled display for that of tourists.

#5 The Ossario Chapel of San Martino
The Chapel was converted into an ossuary which is a room in which the bones of the dead are placed on display.

This chapel was converted into such a place in 1870 and the walls were lined with the skulls and bones of exhumed bodies of the dead soldiers who fought in one of the bloodiest wars ever waged in Northern Italy.  There are plagues on the outer walls of the chapel to commiserate all those who lost their lives in the Second Italian War of Independence of 1859!


Italy is a city steeped in rich history and tradition that lures many a tourist each year, they have an incredible network of motorways, excellent food, and a rich culture.  It is well worth your consideration for your next vacation.